Luna Lighting regularly undertake commissions to create bespoke products.

We can create a special message from our luna letter mini tealight holders or a name of a newborn baby or the bride and groom’s names to be placed on the top table at a wedding.

We can also create special designs to order for the luna minis and maxis for trade.       


personalised maxi   Betsy
Personalised Maxi tealight   Made to order Mini tealight names
Wedding Commission tealight holders    wedding anniversary mini
Wedding Present Commission    
Wedding commission Mini tealight 

koala & kangaroo   G Luna Mini for George Hotel, Rye, East Sussex
Koala Bear & Kangaroo tealights for Royal Academy of Arts Australia Exhibition    Luna mini tea light holder commissioned by
the George Hotel in Rye 
Dressage luna tea light   Betsy
Dressage luna mini tea light commission    Personalised name letter mini tea light holders
Top wedding table luna mini tea light holders   Polrcelain tea light holders for wedding table decorations
Top Table Personalised Luna minis for weddings   Luna minis en masse at Anna Perring's own wedding!
poreclain tea light holders personalised with chinese characters
Commission for Chinese characters on Luna Mini tea light holders
Luna Light cubes   Stoneware Light block /seat
Luna Light cubes    Light block / seat in stoneware
Light Cylinders in stoneware   Porcelain Hanging Pendant Lights
Light Columns in stoneware   Porcelain Hanging Pendant Lights